Monday, June 18, 2012

Back after a long break! Been working alot of long hours and haven't really had a chance to paint at all, plus I think with having so many different armies you kinda don't know which way to go sometimes. Well since I started Lizardmen I decided I would paint what I have first before I keep buying another piece or at the very least paint a unit or something before buying something else. ( Troops after Troops can be boring best to throw in the odd war machine or monster).
      The first kit I bought was the stegadon plastic kit. This and the Oldblood plastic hero are what made me want to start this army so what better way to start. Decided to go with just the special option for him as I wanted to have it were its almost always a must take at all size games. Since building it that way it meant I got a Skink Priest and Skink Chieftain extra. So before  I took a crack at the big guy I put the the 2 heroes together and figured it would be best to figure out how i'm going to paint this army.
     I decided to use Army painter primer as the basis for each unit, starting with the crystal blue primer for skinks and going to the next darker blue for saurus and the next dark for kroxigors. Don't have any works in progress pics just finished but here is the chieftain:

He was a quick paint after using the primer, enchanted blue for scales , bronze for any metal and catachen green for the shield, using the dip technique as well, soft tone. Using the jungle tuft from Army paint and a darker green flock from gale force nine. A little unsure about the dark green but kind of committed to it now.
     So after finishing him I decided to put the priest on the side and work on the steg. Using the same blue for crew , I sprayed the Dino army green and the stage pieces fur brown. Crew was first and easy as theres not much to them. The stage pieces really slowed me down. Alot of little ropes and then painting the stones a mosaic type way got tedious after a bit. The steg himself was a much easier job just alot of ground to cover. But here is the finshed pics:

Well thats all for now, next up is the Battalion so 12 skinks with blowpipe and the priest. Hopefully the next post will not be as long a wait.

Monday, October 24, 2011


My first 40k army was the Orks, I think I have the most of these painted.


Went for a mostly red scheme for them, Nothing noteworthy to say , just painting alot of orks is tiring lol

Mad Doc

The Mad Dok and my Warboss up top, Some shoota boys under.

ork boys 2

ork boyz 1

And my big mek

Big Mek

Next post some Current stuff I'm working on.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Quick Post, Last Eldar..

And The Last Eldar Model I have completed is a Single Dire Avenger

Dire Avenger 1

He was to be the finished test model before i went back and finished his unit. Well That will happen someday i'm sure, the small unit is about halfway finished along with another vyper that is halfway as well. One day would like to really sit down and get a 1000 pt force painted up.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


By far my favorite Eldar models are the striking scorpions. Pretty much these are the reason I picked up the Eldar army.

Scorpians group

I think these may be the best of my painted models. I spent alot of time on them and really like the way they turned out.

Scorpians Exarch

Basically followed the guide on the GW site to paint these, didn't really do anything fancy just followed the steps.

Scorpians front

Want to increase this unit size to 10 so there will be more updates of these at some time or another.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Eldar Vyper time

So my next post to try and get this blog up to date is my Vyper I painted around the same time I painted my Guardians. Nothing real special with this.

Viper side

It is always nice when something is finished though.


Some close ups

Viper cockpit

Viper support

I did go back to add some more color to it and some shading heres the after pic.

viper 2

Just used some devlan mud wash and painted the cables in the back a different color to break up the red.

Well thats all for now , next up some scorpions

Saturday, October 15, 2011

First Post!

To start up this new blog I decided to go back to some other models I have painted and post some pics to make this blog look less empty. Lets start with the Eldar:

Whole Squad

Going with the Saim-Hann color scheme for my army, hoping to go jet bike heavy once better models emerge.

second close

Guardians Close

Been awhile since I have painted any of my eldar, most of the army I have painted was painted well over a year ago. Guardiens were the first thing I painted and while they may not be the best unit in the codex , maybe even the worst but I think every eldar army should have some painted up. Next post will be my Vyper.